1. General provisions


  • These General Trading Terms and Conditions form an essential and necessary part of every offer and every agreement concluded between the Company and a Buyer.
  • Confirmation of an order is deemed to be the acceptance by the Buyer of the trading terms and conditions.


  1. Modification of terms and conditions


  • These General Trading Terms and Conditions may only be modified by written amendments, signed by a person authorized by the


  1. Prices


  • For deliveries of goods from the Company's warehouse, prices of goods shall be quoted in Naira or otherwise as maybe agreed by Parties.
  • Delivery shall be billed by the Company on the day of receipt of Purchase sum


  1. Terms of payment


  • All payments shall be payable within 24 hours after the sales invoice is generated, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, all payments in currency of Naira Currency shall be remitted into the Company’s bank account as stated in the invoice. Payment shall be subject to confirmation.
  • Company shall be entitled to suspend delivery of ordered products till the Buyer fulfils all its obligations towards the Company.
  • The prices of goods as quoted by the Company are based, among other things, on the prices of raw materials, employees' wages, prices of energy, costs required for replacement of missing raw materials by other raw materials and exchange rate fluctuations. Company predominantly reserves the right to change prices of goods accordingly if the prices or values of the items as stated above change. However, such a change shall not affect any delivery of goods executed on the basis of an order confirmed by the Company and paid for before the prices of goods were changed.
  • The Buyer undertakes to indicate the Company's bank account number in every payment order given to its bank.




  1. Delivery
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the goods shall be picked up at the business premises of the Company and if agreed otherwise, Buyer shall choose the dispatch method and shall pay costs connected with the transport of goods to the place of destination; goods shall always be delivered and shipped at the risk of the Buyer. The method of shipment shall be determined after agreement with the Buyer.
  • The transport shall only be insured if it is ordered by the Buyer in writing, at the Buyer's expense.
  • If an order for goods was not cancelled properly and the goods cannot be delivered to the Buyer for any reason on the part of the Buyer, and the Company is unable to process the goods for further sale, the goods shall be stored at the risk of the Buyer.
  • If goods are delivered on pallets, disposable pallets shall be used, unless otherwise Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of pallets shall be included in the price of delivered goods, and the pallets shall not be returnable.



6.Delivery terms

  • Goods may be retrieved from the warehouse within 3 – 5 working days after confirmation of the availability of Goods and further confirmation of receipt of payment


  1. Joint provisions
  • The Company shall not be responsible for a breach of any of its obligations under the contractual relationship arisen in consequence of unforeseeable obstacles, among others in manufacture, transportation, and supply issues complication with the Company or its Suppliers.
  • Force Majeure. For the purposes of contractual relations between the Company and the Buyer, force majeure is primarily deemed to be situation which are unforeseeable and outside the control of the Company which shall be inclusive but not limited to the breakdown of the Company's machines, shortage of driving force or energy, strike, shutdown, fire, flood and any circumstance beyond the control of the Company due to which the Company cannot fulfil its obligations. If the Contractor cannot fulfil its obligations due to force majeure temporarily, its obligations under the contract shall be suspended till the effects of force majeure terminate.
  • Where there is incident of Force Majeure as stated above, the Buyer shall not be entitled to compensation for damages. The Company undertakes to notify the Buyer of force majeure and its consequences without undue
  • The Contractor shall not compensate the Buyer for damages if delivery terms are breached.



  1. Defects of goods
  • The Buyer shall check delivered goods carefully as soon as possible, and any complaints referring to delivered goods must be filed with the Company by e-mail or by registered mail within 3 days of the takeover of goods according to the delivery note. If a complaint is sent by e-mail, consequently a written notice must be sent by registered mail within seven days of the goods takeover according to the delivery note. A complaint should be attached with photo documentation of the established defects of goods. After expiry of the said period, the goods shall be considered to be free of defects, with the exception of possible hidden defects.
  • Damages caused by transport must be notified immediately in a suitable manner and documented in a record, made in the presence of the carrier upon the takeover of goods from the carrier.
  • Complaints about hidden defects of goods must be filed with the Company either via its customer care mail address or through the customer care call lines
  • All guarantees and rights to compensation for damage shall be excluded if goods were stolen or used, as well as if goods were changed without the knowledge and approval of the C The Company's liability for defects shall be excluded if storage conditions as recommended by the Company were not kept.
  • The justification of a complaint filed in due time shall be established by the Company's Service Team. The Buyer must submit the goods under complaint to the Company’s Service Team
  • Where a complaint is admitted as justified, the Company, after agreement with the Buyer, will either provide replacement or credit the corresponding amount for the benefit of the Buyer.
  • Any returned goods shall only be accepted after previous written agreement and in the original Should any doubt about the price arise, the price agreed for delivery of the goods to the Buyer shall apply.